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Produce a converting content
Produce a converting content

Trigger your affiliate marketing creative thinking : Produce a converting content

If there is a skill in you and it’s lying idle, you need to trigger it by activation, to wake up the giant in you for the affiliate marketing content creation process. I learned much insight in the book written by Rod Judkins title the art of creative thinking, highlighted like 89 tactics and techniques to enhance your creativity, it’s a process that every content marketers must put to practice. The processes to wake up your writing prowess are:

Be Playful and Easy

It is very important to discover this secret of magnetic ideas and to release them as easy as possible, whenever you want to put together the content you must be free, sober and relate with each content section like a game or toy materials, let your childish curiosity trigger you to design, and write your content.

Break The Rules

Content creation has some principles guiding the structuring and the production as a content marketer, using the right keywords to rank better, the appropriate image size and the length of every video to be uploaded must communicate to your audience.

 keywords to rank better
10 Easy Tips to Rank Better

Neglect conversion focus but maintain quality assurance of your content, uniqueness, originality, and value-added post which helps your audience, also to be eager to win their repeated patronage. Try to include something special that would make your content a sought out for. If you are too focused on rules upon rules you might end up producing less quality content if not careful.

How To Become An Affiliate Marketing-Make Money Online

Fully Concentrated Mind

Your content should reflect what it’s meant for, this area is very important and crucial, to becoming a leader in your niche and super content creator to be recon with, immersing yourself into the content is very essential. You must include every related to your domain that will give your followers and audience visual view of your blog, it might be a video or any other thing.

Niche site ideas trends

Appreciate Chaos and Emergencies

Sometimes what we didn’t plan for may happen and the beauty of it is to take it as learning incidence, it’s encouraging to learn personally the “right” thing from the “wrong”. You can actually bring success from that experience, then write on this to help others online

Take Advantage of a Disadvantage

Your online business must have a perfect competitive advantage over your competitors in your niche, you can become a leader if you study the niche and you come out from the angel to solve the famous problem, it will help your business to dominate and be recon with, don’t take no for an answer.

What we are trying to say here is that look for a deep problem in your niche/industry and give the solution that will be recorded as a giant success.

Humorously Write

Do you believe that the world’s largest social media network (Facebook) by Mark Zuckerberg started like a joke, within his fellow students at Harvard by selecting their choice of pictures which was banned at that time and later came up, he started very simply, don’t begin your business from the mountain top but rather start from a playing ground then you gradually move to the mountain step by step till you reach your goal.

How To Become An Affiliate Marketing-Make Money Online

Conduct Experiments

Content marketing requires experiments to derive a concrete result provable enough to adopt into the system. Never neglect a new dimension of content creation techniques. Experimenting helps you to discover a much-hidden treasure to handle and solve cogent problems. You can experiment by adopting the use of videos and images to test run ranking which is for posterity purpose, and your discoveries will earn you more conversions.

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