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Linkshare Affiliate Program Review
Linkshare Affiliate Program Review

Linkshare Affiliate Program Review

Most individuals are usually at a crossroads in choosing the best affiliate program for their online business? I will take you through the Linkshare Affiliate Program review and why you need it as an online entrepreneur. Keep reading.

Background of Linkshare Affiliate program



Before I tear apart the Linkshare affiliate program, I’d like to share with you the history behind this incredible program.

What is the Linkshare affiliate program?

Linkshare has been around since 1997 and is also known as Rakuten marketing. It’s an old strategy and has withstood all the market forces to be a big brand it is today. It has adapted to market dynamics and has expanded to unprecedented levels.

Linkshare affiliate program review
Linkshare affiliate program review

It has a wider network that includes merchants, international offices, and operates on a multi-network approach.

The international feel is what makes the Linkshare program popular. It is available in more than 200 countries, and this makes things easier, especially in terms of payment in different currencies.

How does the Linkshare Affiliate Program work?

If you’re an online entrepreneur and promote products online, you’re probably aware of the Affiliate Marketing program. The Linkshare Program provides a platform where marketers can promote their products.

When you think about the Linkshare experience, try to envision a situation where you’re promoting an affiliate link. If a reader clicks on the ad or the affiliate link within a website, they land to a promoter’s page. For instance, if a visitor is looking at ten best winter jackets, they will be directed to the actual promoter’s website.

Upon landing, they may buy a product, and the transaction recorded for ease of tracking. As a publisher, you’ll only earn commissions after a sale and only if the sale occurred through an affiliate link.

This model is known as Cost per Action or CPA. There may be a variation in terms of commission structure. The Linkshare program tracks all sales through cookies. Once the merchant notes down the purchase, they will match it with your tracking code, and you get paid.

How do you become a Linkshare publisher?

How do you become a Linkshare publisher?
How do you become a Linkshare publisher?

This program offers you different options to choose from, depending on your products category. The different categories range from Loyalty,

coupons, virtual shopping malls, search, niche, and user-generated. To join the program, you need to sign up as a publisher. I will explain the sign-up process in a short while. Linkshare works with different marketers to form a cohesive affiliate strategy.

How to sign up for the Linkshare Program  -Linkshare Affiliate Program Review

Visit the Linkshare website and complete a sign-up form. Here you will share information about your business. Linkshare will advise you on the best niche to pick, depending on your website.

How to sign up for the Linkshare Program
How to sign up for the Linkshare Program

Registration is easy and will cost you nothing. The advantage of the Linkshare program is that it can support most browsers.

After submitting your application, it takes a few days for it to be reviewed and approved. There will be an email notification, and now your Linkshare login is ready.

To get your links, scroll down to Links the Get links. Alternatively, scroll to programs the click on advertisers. There are three options the banner, product links, and text. If you select any of the options, there will be a pop-up window with a link code. When you copy the code, paste it in your WordPress under the HTML editor.

Deep linking is also another option for directing customers to a merchant page for products. However, some programs may not support it.

How to find advertisers under the Linkshare Program

Linkshare usually matches publishers and advertisers, depending on the business category. You’ll discover advertisers on the Linkshare dashboard. There is a high chance that the content is related to the products under the promotion category. This system allows an advertiser to easily find a publisher and click on the link to have a glimpse of the commission structure.

The advertiser’s category list is generally updated every week. The merchant ID makes it easy to search, and the deal dispatcher allows you to see other advertisers and their product offerings. You can make private requests. Promoters can also review the variety of products in their respective categories.

Next, advertisers normally develop a product feed for their products that can easily be found by the publishers on the Linkshare platform. A good feed will attract the best affiliates. Inaccurate data will not be good for customers and the publisher as it can affect the affiliate results.

How to optimize your affiliate marketing strategy under Linkshare

Before starting on Linkshare, it’s essential to have your target market in mind since this will help you find the right audience for the products you’re promoting. For instance, if you’re promoting Samsung products, your target market with be smartphone enthusiasts.

Regardless of the niche, there is an affiliate for you, and thus you’ll find Samsung partners. Here you can earn a commission depending on the sale.

Have an existing website to promote affiliate products

There is a misconception that one can join the affiliate marketing program without having a website. It’s crucial to maximize your approval rates with Linkshare and boost your returns; a website is a necessary tool. In the digital era, it’s easy to create a website since there are many platforms such as the Wealthy Affiliate offering website building and hosting services.

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Search for credible advertisers for the affiliate products

Linkshare usually describes affiliate marketers as publishers and brand merchants as advertisers. Advertisers are typically e-commerce websites, and in their online stores, there are several products for sale.

In our earlier example, Linkshare Samsung is the advertisers here, and you can direct clients to sample some of the products on the merchant’s e-commerce site. You can entice your audience with posts that offer solutions to the problems they have.

For example, you can write a blog post “how to connect Samsung smart TV to Wi-Fi.” There you can hyperlink with the affiliate link, and when a customer clicks, they will be directed to the merchant website and probably buy. A customer may search on google “Samsung smart TV Wi-Fi, not working.” They will be directed to your website and, consequently, the affiliate website.

Other interesting topics would be “how to factory reset Samsung smart TV or Samsung smart TV Wi-Fi set up.”

Linkshare affiliate program review, quality content is vital.

It may be easy finding a merchant or a product you’d like to promote. However, your application may not sail through if your content is poor in quality. It’s essential to have high-quality content, to boost traffic, which will result in high conversion. There are various ways to ensure your content is relevant and will awe your audience.

How to create high-quality content

First, you must know what your audience wants and help in solving their problem. It goes a long way in optimizing your website for SEO and doing keyword research. Keywords will help your pages rank on google.

It doesn’t mean you make a random selection. You can invest in a keyword research tool such as Jaaxy that enables you to generate the right keywords depending on your niche.

With the right keywords, you can now solve your audience problem. Products reviews or buyers guides are the best since you can generate a list of products explaining the pros and giving your opinion. You can also educate the user on the advantages and the factors of buying such a product.

Write long articles, less fluff, and original. You can optimize your website for a mobile view so that can buyers can access the site while on the go. Poorly optimized pages will indeed deliver bad user experiences.

These checkpoints boost your level of engagement with the advertisers and build confidence. Under the Linkshare affiliate program review, you will note that advertisers prefer excellent working relationships with people who understand the affiliate program.

Qualities of relevant content

There are some qualities that advertisers look for, and therefore it’s essential to have high traffic before signing up.

The kind of content you provide should reflect your skills and wide knowledge of your niche or interest. The reviews should be long-worded articles at least 2000 words. The website should be user-friendly and one that audiences can easily navigate without disruptions.

Qualities of relevant content
Qualities of relevant content

SiteContent is the latest feature added to SiteRubix within Wealthy Affiliate University and is a valuable tool for creating Site Content for Google SEO rankings as there is an algorithm that checks for authentic creation and prevents plagiarism. Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020

Also, the articles you post should have user engagements in terms of comments. Other keywords, you can also use images and share the content on social media.

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From the Linkshare affiliate program review, because apparent that your online business can grow since there is a wide variety of niches in this space. You only need to select one and optimize on SEO and promotion method. Linkshare also offers you the opportunity to sample various brands and have a one on one experience with their affiliate marketing programs.

If you use your links in the right wat, you can increase your revenue base through increased conversions. I hope that this review has been quite useful, and now you’re knowledgeable about the Linkshare affiliate program.

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