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How to create a niche website - help to share your website
How to create a niche website - help to share your website

How to create a niche website – help to share your website

How to create a niche website. No matter how good your content is if your audience isn’t responding, if they simply do not care about it, and you don’t care about their core issues. A little research now about how to create a niche website can save you from a lot of frustration later because your perfectly constructed blog post will not resonate with your readers.

How to create a niche website – 6 steps which help you to share your website

That is why we need to deal with niche trends. The biggest source of market research cannot be found in tables or in copybooks, but you can hear the information from the people’s „mouth.” You cannot retrieve it from a template. You can’t find it by copying others, but

there are fifth big platforms where you can find your niche market

  • One is Google Trends, which you have already seen in previous posts, but we will continue the research about it.
  • The second is BuzzSumo,
  • and the third is Feedly.
  • And of course, We will jump into this soon, but we will learn more about the above in the big topic of content marketing, and we will continue learning about Niche’s page modeling, website building, SEO, Silo implementation, the link building. I’m not going to list all. You will meet them on my website.
  • Fifth: Wealthy Affiliate -.Jaaxy Alphabet Soup Jaaxy. There are 100,000’s of evergreen niches out there that are ripe for the picking. Being able to discover niches in brilliant new ways is something that Jaaxy prides itself on. From the ability to check out the scorching trends to finding relevant yet different searches, you will be able to generate brand new niche ideas in a matter of seconds using Jaaxy.

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6 easy steps to have people talk about your niche website content

Before we make a deep dive into Amazonia, I want to talk about a very important topic, as you are working on establishing your content. This will be an important part of your work as a content creator later as well.


Just to note; unfortunately, people don’t have the time to create content. But they want to make money and, they want that their content is read and shared. For this, maybe they should work a little bit.


Because Google’s ranking algorithm has evolved in a way that it moved from a keyword focus to a more nuanced and semantic approach, the contents also need to change. So, people will read and share our content, so they talk about it. There are a few mandatory steps to have one of the 3 billion users predicted by 2021 share your content because she/he find it important.

I want to list six steps briefly because we will talk about them in more detail later when the time comes. I am only mentioning this because you should take Niche and keyword research seriously as this will be the basis for your content.


  1. step – Find out what your target audience wants

Does your content meet the needs of your audience? Is this the content your niche audience is looking for? Is this a topic that people find interesting?

No matter how good your content is if your audience isn’t responding, if they simply do not care about it, and you don’t care about their core issues. This is how I started my video today! On purpose!

  1. step – Make your content original

I’ve talked about this before. Once you’ve identified your niche market, your audience, your readers, your customers, you can name it how you want. Don’t copy the content what your audience is looking for, don’t mimic what was already written by others, that content is already shared. It is not adding any value. If you write the same thing as others, that content will not be shared. On the other hand, if you’re blogging, they won’t even read your content. Then it makes no sense to do it!

  1. step – Adding pure value

People don’t like it if they get nothing. And no one likes to be fooled. Take the lead in this and communicate with the pure value your audience expects. Don’t hide it at the end of the content as something you would like to “rub it under their nose” afterward. Or something you would like to sell. Instead of explicitly stating what you want, because that’s why people will read or not (obviously, then, it is not your target audience, and you have to work on it), but you are risking your future by losing valuable readers.

  1. Step – Not just resolve their problems, but you should tell them why the problem is a problem.

We have already talked about this in the market research section and in other topics that you should focus on problems. But what would happen if you would go a little further and you would let that your readers know that the problem is not a problem? Perhaps they have never looked at things differently, which is understandable, but maybe this approach will change their perspective. If your content is targeted to the niche that we will continue to explore now, people will rush to help their friends and followers and share with others the solution to the problem they are struggling with. By 2021, 3 billion people will use social media. I do not need to discuss the importance of this! (as more and more people hate Facebook: D)

  1. step – content should be easy to read

No matter how relevant and useful the content is, if it is not interesting, and it is difficult to read, people will not stay on your website to read it. And if they are not there to read, they will not be there to share. No comment!

6. step – easy sharing of content

If too much effort is required to share the content, readers will not do so. They don’t even do anything on their website to give others a chance to share. They don’t even put a share icon on their web page.

What would happen if you would tell them how to do it?

“???? Click on the Share button if you liked my blog post”.


I was clear, straightforward, and obvious! Right?

With these six easy steps in mind, you will be in the best position with your niche website because you are creating content that your readers are really connecting to.

Now…let’s go to Amazonia! ????

Content is the main foundation of digital marketing.

The main driver of content marketing is Niche. Finding a market gap is not a big challenge; you just need the right tools and time. In order to find people’s issues about which you create a blog post, a video, an article or other content, you need to “hear” what they are talking about in that particular location, where you are building your Affiliate Marketing, including your Amazon Affiliate Marketing strategy. And then now check out the site.

How to create a niche website with with Niche ideas

The best way to create niche ideas is to use There are plenty of products that you can sell very well on Amazon, and you will be able to generate any number of niche ideas about the products that you can sell well on your website.

Let’s check on Google which products are Amazon’s bestsellers – Let’s type into the search engine “amazon bestsellers.”

You can see above that there are several “tabs” here. Amazon organizes products in multiple ways. Now let’s first look at the first page, the “bestsellers.”

How to create a niche website – 6 steps which help you to share your website


Amazon also organizes the list of its best-selling products in several ways.

Amazon also organizes the list of its best-selling products in several ways.

Refrigerator Water Filter

To the left, you can see a partial list. These are very broad categories, and you can dig deeper into each category by clicking on any of them. Let’s dig into the category of “appliances.”


Our first product is the “Refrigerator Water Filter.” It is sold for about $ 50 and has more than 2,213 customer reviews and has a 4-star rating.

If you decide to promote a product, there are always at least three things to check

  • number of reviews
  • star rating
  • and the price

The product has received at least 50 reviews and has been rated with four stars, and its price is at least $ 50.

Do you remember the rules?

If a product doesn’t have at least 50 reviews, it means it’s still new, or it can mean that people aren’t buying it for some reason.

If the product does not have a rating of at least four stars, the people are not satisfied, they will return the product. Which means you can lose commissions by promoting it on your website. If the product cannot be sold for at least $ 50, commissions will not be significant. However, there are always exceptions. If you have a $ 20 product with hundreds of positive reviews and at least four stars, then you might want to promote it on your website. This water filter is almost $ 50 in this case, so you can still sell it.

It is not there by chance. Our goal now is to create niche ideas that we don’t have to worry too much about as there will be plenty of certain products. The “Water Filters” or “Refrigerator Water Filter” can be potential gaps that deserve further investigation.

Going back to the list, you can see that you can create lots of niche ideas.

Look at the “Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler” product. A niche market could be built on it.

Click on “wall ovens” and let’s see what result we get.

Let’s look again at the subcategories listed on the left on the Bestsellers in Appliances (best appliances) page. As we have seen before, clicking on any of them will take you deeper into the subcategories. All of these can be a potential niche for your website. Click on “wall ovens” and let’s see what result we get.

If you decide that you like wall oven products and you are passionate about this topic because you are, for example a chef, you can get going in this direction. You can build a perfect website on this. This product is popular all over the world. It is true that its price is not between $ 50 and $ 150, but in the related niche, it is sure that you will find proper categories and products to build your website on them and thus you can promote these more expensive products as well.

If you decide that you like wall oven products and you are passionate about this topic


It is worth checking out the Amazon Best sellers page for each category, as there are more than 100 products and you can choose from many products to promote them on your website. It is worth to spend some time reviewing Amazon’s bestselling list. Look at the products you can sell very well, and you can create great niche ideas. It helps you find your market gap! (niche)

In the following video, we use eBay and Alibaba to find a market gap and to see how to create a niche website.

eBay and Alibaba are really big e-commerce sites, and you can use them to create niche ideas, just like you did on Amazon. With very few exceptions, eBay has everything that is sold on Amazon.

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