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How to conduct market research

How to conduct market research

How to conduct market research then? This post continues giving advice on how to make money on the internet, my previous post. I can already hear your questions; what happens if I don’t have any connections or if I never networked before? Who do I send these questions to?

I don’t have a business or a customer base yet!

This is another question I’m sure you ask yourself if you haven’t got a business set up yet or products sorted out. You don’t know who to ask your questions and that’s fair enough. I will show you four methods to conduct surveys that will give you answers even if you don’t have our target customer group chosen yet.

The first survey via e-mail

MailChimp or any other providerTo submit the survey, click on “send/submit” and you can put in the e-mail addresses to send it to. If you use an e-mail marketing tool such as MailChimp, AWeber or any other provider (you’ll learn about this in the E-Mail marketing post), then you can paste a shortened link into the email and you’re good to send it.

But what if you don’t have a target customer base?

First of all, everyone knows someone so you can start by sending your friends and acquaintances the survey. Of course, you’ll have to come up with the questions in a different way. You’ll be surprised how many e-mail addresses you’ve got in your existing mailboxes, people who have mailed you previously. Take a look at your LinkedIn connections too.

Look everywhere where you could have e-mail addresses to add to the list. You once been in touch with these people so you won’t be filtered by their e-mail provider as spam. On the other hand, you need to consider data protection laws and legislations such as GDPR in the EU, which we’ll also discuss in detail in our e-mail marketing video. It is important not to send the e-mails at once as that way people will see others’ email addresses.

From social media sites, you can export a list of emails into an Excel document and that you can import into Gmail. DO NOT SEND emails to unknown or purchased e-mail addresses, as this’ll be considered SPAM. You probably have connections like friends and acquaintances you can send your survey to.

you’ll often have a default sample messageYou can even ask them to send the e-mail to their own friends, if they would like to. You probably have plenty of friends on Facebook who are part of a group on the site. I’d like to bring it to your attention that sending the survey you created, you’ll often have a default sample message “I’ve invited you to fill in a form” – which you should delete as I am not quite sure you’ll get replies if you send it with that.  They’ll just skip your email and go about their day. Convincing people to click on a link doesn’t really work these days.

There’s a need for a so-called “forcing” content.

Asking people politely such as “Could I please ask you to spend a couple of minutes filling out my survey? “ Trust me, no one will spend any time doing this for you, unless it is beneficial for them to do so. You need to offer an advantage or reward to your potential client.

So, find that one thing that will make people open up for you.

E.g.: “I am producing new courses which I’d like to share with you. “

This will sound completely different, as the reader will already know your products and services. People are happy to five their feedback as they want to sort out their problems. If you aid them in dealing with their problem, the customer will have an advantage because of this. See how easy it is to conduct market research?

It’s different if you don’t have clients yet

In this case, always focus on the PROBLEM customers might encounter. For example write “Hey Peter, can I solve your problems as an online lecturer? “or another example would be: “Hey, can I give solving your money problems a go online, making you financially independent? “

Focus on solving the problem, which can be anything. “Can I show you how to learn playing the piano in 30 days? “or “Let me show you how to erase your flaws on photoshop!” There are thousands of things, just focus on your own topic! I will guarantee many people will open and reply to your emails.

The second survey option

If you don’t have a potential client yet, then you can collect answers to your questions on social media. You have to share it via a link. First, find a Facebook group in the category or topic you can help people that might be seeking guidance. E.g.: Digital Marketing. Send your surveys to these groups. Another example would be “vegetarians” as a fac link. First, find a Facebook group in the category or topic you can help people that might be seeking guidance. E.g.: Digital Marketing. Send your surveys to these groups. Another example would be “vegetarians” as a Facebook group. There is a tremendous number of groups on Facebook. Look for those that have a lot of members. You’ll probably have to wait a couple of days for your join requests to be approved by admins. Look at their rules so you don’t mess up the vibe they already have going on. Be respectful to their rules and post the link to your survey asking them to fill out. I am sure, they will fill out your survey form.

Third survey option

There’s one more option for those of you who hasn’t done any networking yet, and these are forums and discussion boards. Google “vegetarian forums”, this works with any other topic. Search for your own topic. You can post your survey to these forums too.

Fourth survey option

Making calls. These are usually done by specialist corporations. It’s very effective, but for people who don’t like these type of work can be quite frustrating. Back in the day, I have worked on such projects at a software distributor. It’s still an up and running, successful business. I could only learn from its owner. Even though it’s been around 16 years since then, but I really enjoyed helping people with their problems. You need a different approach to your topic. The customer comes first as well as their PROBLEM! Believe me, I speak from experience. The customer will give you all the information you need to later improve your product or service, if you focus on solving their problem. By this, you’ll already know how to conduct market research.

There’s no better feeling than knowing that your corporation is the best in its industry. This made my boss not just focus on the profit but have a proud positive attitude. He’s a very successful businessman, whatever he ventures into. Just saying, he works in marketing still…


We’ve discussed four different methods of surveying. With these methods, you can easily conduct market research to find out where your next step will take you. This market research works for those, who are operating a traditional business. To make sure you don’t fall asleep I’ll mention that for problems, concerns, reviews, advantages, disadvantages, you can go and check out your competitor on the internet:

1 star Customer reviews

1 star Customer reviews

Read the negative reviews. You know, them 1 – 2-star reviews. That’s where customers write down all their problems. (We’ll be observing these at identifying gaps in the market, talking to you affiliate marketeers)

If you’re improving your product by using the information you gather using the methods above, you’ll already have an advantage.

See how important other’s 1-star opinion is?

Secondary research is especially useful for analysing the competition.

Affiliate Marketing is another big area of the field where you can generate profit on a global scale. The good news is that others have already invested millions of dollars into research. When it comes to affiliate marketing, you have to identify a niche – a gap in the market. You don’t own the product; you just want to resell it. This is much simpler and maybe less frustrating, as you don’t have to bother anyone with forms and phone calls. But that’s what real market research is all about. You can’t do research without asking people, customers or clients themselves.

This is simpler and much easier done in Affiliate Marketing,

Because the corporations whose products you’ll resell have already done the market research. You just need to find the gap in the market where you’ll become the top brand/seller of that market and all of this market gap’s customers will buy from you. How do you find this gap in the market? I will explain in the next blog post.

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