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Find niche products in 5 minutes
Find niche products in 5 minutes

Find niche products in 5 minutes

In this post, we will first use a very popular online marketplace, the website – where you will find niche products in 5 minutes. Where websites are sold to make a great niche. Flippa is an information treasure if you know how to use it for great niche research. After that, we will check a method that nobody talks about too much.

How do I get 100 niches in 5 minutes?

How can we use free online databases to get niche ideas for our upcoming profitable Niche website? I’ll talk about TV commercials, but you will see later why. After that, you’re not going to hate that much these TV commercials ???? I’m going to show you more creative niche research ideas, and if you don’t find your own niche market to make a passive income by building your own website, I’ll show you athelast opportunity so you won’t miss the big cake from which you also should get at least a thousand dollars a month! Let’s start it! You need to sign up to see the lists. Signing up is a very simple process. Once you logged in, you can view current lists: websites, domains, and applications sold by web developers, webmasters, and IT professionals.

Click on the “browse starter sites” link in the menu. (before, you should log in to the Dashboard) You can see that all kinds of websites are being sold, but now we are only interested in Amazon affiliate websites. So, in the search box, you should type “amazon” and then execute the search. Now, select the webpages which we would like to check from traffic and revenue perspective. It is important to apply the Verified Traffic and Verified Revenue filters, and then we should click on the search again.

We currently have 23 results in the list. Most of them are amazon affiliate websites. Let’s take a look at some of these … check out “”. Currently, it is not generating too much money, and it is a two years old website. Which suggests that the webmaster was not very interested in how much revenue he is making, or he does not know how to build a website that could earn $ 100 or $ 1000 every month.

What we care about right now is getting the niche idea. We won’t go into the details, and we are not really interested in how much the website earns per month or how many unique visitors it has, and we are not interested in the other statistics neither. What we care about is the niche. We’ll need to do a lot more research before choosing a niche, and I’ll detail that in the keyword research section. Now let’s look at this site.

It seems to me that the site does not contain any serious content. There are only 4 or 5 short articles on the blog and nothing else just affiliate links and AdSense ads. Nothing else. Even the topics are not categorized, and the other articles are not listed on the right.

We will build more sophisticated and more different websites.

(to stand out from the crowd)

I would like to note here that the website contains AdSense ads in addition to Amazon affiliate links. That’s almost always a bad idea. DO NOT DO THIS. The right way for Amazon affiliate websites is to build an artistic and search engine optimized website that will also generate profits.

Let this website be a negative example for you. There are many similar websites, fortunately. You will not have to compete with these as these websites are really worthless nowadays, and this will only get worse for them if they are not working on them. Due to a large number of AdSense ads and pages without unique content, this site is not functioning anymore as an Amazon affiliate website.

However, we did find a possible Niche idea within watches, for example, the Smartwatch. The idea is what we are looking for, through several articles now. The Niche idea is the goal, to find one. What is very shocking and bad method is they would like to sell all smartwatch brands. By choosing a brand and creating unique, professional content with comparisons, videos, within a few weeks, this site would generate profit.

Now, let’s go back to the homepage and remove the filters. This way, we will find more websites to gather information. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that you shouldn’t want to pay much attention to the statistics of the various web pages presented here. These are valuable data from other points of view, but for now, let’s focus on niche ideas on websites which are hosted in the United States (.com) and, of course, on Amazon affiliate sites. There are a lot of Niche ideas.

  • This is interesting:

Let’s take note, and later we will actually go deeper into this niche market.

Let’s check this website. We can read comparisons, but there are not too many blog posts. In fact, there are none, only reviews, advantages/disadvantages, and brands. Of course, this is still better than a web shop which only has products and no unique content.

So, here at, you will find lots of ideas. But don’t pay much attention to the statistics posted here, which sometimes I’m also checking. Believe me, you’re in the phase now where stats are not so important for you, but first, you need to find the niche ideas, and here, you’ll find plenty of them.

Now, let’s look at a method that no one talks about.

How can we use online databases to find niche products for your upcoming Niche website?

There are many online databases available for the public, and you can use them to search for your niche ideas. We can also say that Google itself is an online database. True, it requires thinking, but I think it’s fun and exciting. This is how you can lay down the foundation for your future passive income with one or more websites. That’s why my article series, called Niche research for a website which is generating profit, contains several parts.


Let’s search for “list of online databases” expression on Google.

As we can see, there are many results. About one billion five hundred and ten million let’s select Wikipedia. Here you can see the data in alphabetical order. Let’s scroll down the list and see what we “see” in this list?! For some reason, if you find a database related to your topic, just use it. Let’s look at this: Inorganic Crystal Structure Database. Many people buy crystals online, but let’s look at the crystals on Amazon to see if there is sufficient demand or there are enough products?

It looks like there are many products. Currently, around 300 thousand. You can easily build an affiliate site around crystals.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about crystals?

The first thing that comes to my mind is a crystal ball, as I regularly watch cartoons with fairies and mages with my 5-year-old princesses? Search for the expression “crystal balls.” You will get more than 20 thousand results. This is starting to look like a niche market on which you can build a complete website. I didn’t know that there are so many crystal balls.

Let’s go back to the Wikipedia list.

Let’s say you love comics. So, let’s look at the comics database. There are some databases on comics. Let’s look at the “Grand Comics Database” on Google. Just search for the name of the database. We have a lot of results. Nineteen Million Three Hundred Thousand. Now let’s click on the Grand Comics Database link. There are so many printed comics here, so if this is your big and passionate subject, you will find all the comics in the world here.

Click on the “today’s covers” link in the right sidebar. Today’s main comic book cover is “Diana’s Stories” This is always changing. This was issued by D. C back then. DC Comics is one of the largest comic book publishers in the United States. DC has created famous characters such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Green Archer, and their teammates from the Justice League. For decades, DC Comics, along with Marvel Comics, were the two biggest comic book publishers.

Just as in the 40s, they are very popular nowadays (predictably) with their DC / Marvel comic book adaptation series. Thanks to the Marvel movie universe, interest in comic book movies/series has been booming, so television hasn’t missed this opportunity, as we won’t miss it by using it for Niche research!

Let’s check out the DC / Marvel comic book adaptation series on Amazon. What do we find? Let’s see “DC comics” or “Marvel comics.” Both have 30,000 results. Of course, you need to go deeper into these to find a niche market. With these techniques, you will find again and again the ideas that people are looking for and for which there are many existing products.

Now let’s look at TV commercials and printed ads.

If you are like most people, you will find ads very annoying. Me too :). Most people think that the products in these ads are worthless. But if you are a marketing expert looking at these advertisements, you can find great niche ideas before you switch off these advertisements.

Believe me, the giant companies are working hard on these product developments, and they are spending millions of dollars to study the market to find a gap in the market to further develop their products in that market.

Many very intelligent people devote a great deal of time and energy to get an idea from their efforts. So, let’s look at the commercials during the time of your night movie ????. Obviously, you do not have to buy these products. We are interested in the Niche (you won’t believe this), mentioned a thousand times, in order to build your own profitable website.

I know it’s work and effort, even research, but anyone who is saying that you’re going to get rich fast and make a lot of money without work or with very little work is lying! Of course, this is exploited on the Internet to deceive people who are “lazy” and want to get rich. DO NOT BELIEVE IN EVERYTHING!

Of course, if you have the money to get the job done with the help of others, then pay for the job to save time. It’s okay to outsource work. But even then, there will be work behind it that will benefit your website. Someone must always do the work! You will only make revenue and profit if you make real efforts!

Now let’s check these TV commercials.

  • Let’s check this out on YouTube with the keyword ” TV infomercials.”

If you scroll down, you can see an interesting video. “Top 10 Best Infomercial Products

Let’s take a look at what they are selling – I see some knife and fork in the video. Could it be a good idea for a niche? We’ll check it out on the well-proven website.

Let’s search for the term “kitchen knives”. As you can see, we got a lot of results. 60 thousand hits. You can easily build an entire website on this. Of course, the different knives are also should be different niche markets because the kitchen knife itself is a huge, broad subject.

Do not want to compete with this big topic and do not want to sell every kitchen knife

You can see that among the results for “kitchen knives,” you can find even more knives in the categories on the left-hand side. You can also do it with the forks. Let’s see if we can get some more ideas from this video?

  • You can see the „chia pets” (terracotta figurines with chia plant).

Can we build a website for this niche market? Let’s look at Amazon. It looks like it is a good idea to build a website around Chia pets. But you have to do more research because we have received very few results for this search.

And here I would like to mention

the fact that the products featured in TV commercials are based on very solid and serious research. Like all other marketing experts, these people first had to pick a niche market and then develop a product.

If they think that a particular niche is so valuable that they develop a product for it, it is very likely that you can build a serious website on the same niche market.

Let’s check out a more creative niche research idea

, but first I want you to know one thing. Many people think they need to love their chosen niche market and they need to be an expert on that niche which is the foundation of your website and then your newer website… and so on. There is no one who knows so much about everything, and there is no one who has enough time to be an expert in so many niches. This is not true.

You do not have to be an expert, but I always communicate that if you are passionate about a topic that is relevant to your niche market, then it will be of immense help to you. It is an important difference if you’re an amateur who is building a niche market or an expert on a topic which is your niche market.

But the reverse is also true. There are experts who are very knowledgeable about a particular topic but still cannot profit from it because they do not know the related Affiliate marketing strategy. One thing is sure. You will need to create multiple websites to succeed overall truly. Because you won’t understand anything.

Do not want to understand everything, because it would take a lot of time. You want to make money, or you want to be a poor, two-legged encyclopedia? If that motivates you, then learn, but that’s the other way. This is how most things in life work. Standing on multiple legs is safer. If one of your websites generates $ 500-1000 per month, you will not be involved in designing ten other websites, but you will be a dedicated and passionate website owner and will be committed to your topic.

To understand it better

Skilled journalists don’t know everything, but they know how to present facts or create stories around the facts. If journalists were to write only about the things in which they are experts in their private lives, it would be difficult for them to make ends meet. Therefore, I suggest that you start by building a website that is about your passion and the topic you love. But later, you will learn to routinely create content and build Niche websites on other topics!

Ask yourself!

  • What’s your job?
  • What are you good at?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What is your passion?
  • What did you do when you were younger?
  • What do you like to do in your free time?
  • What are your friends’ hobbies and interests?

Instead of just focusing on our own hobbies – which really means treasure for you – you can instead focus on other people’s hobbies. So, you can get more potential ideas for yourself!

Here’s a website worth to check out – it’s about popular hobbies

If you would like to see a much larger list of hobbies, I suggest the Wikipedia page at this link:

For example, if you are drawing or painting and you know arts, you may be able to build a website based on the (art supplies) niche. Let’s just check this out on Amazon with the keyword “artists supplies.” There are many products that you can sell on your website.

It does not matter what you are currently interested in; your chances will be increased if you are doing things that many other people are interested in. And here’s the keyword…the secret … “ARE INTERESTED IN”!

You should always check on Amazon to see if there are products that are selling well. And if there are such products, you have a chance to build a profitable website! I say these now because you are in this phase to generate ideas for yourself. Later you will see how to do more detailed research. But remember, if you are very knowledgeable and passionate about something, it may not be a competitive and profitable topic for a website. We do nothing without looking at the data. You have to work with current data! For example, if you do a lot of research on weight loss pills and want to build a website around weight loss pills, it won’t be easy! This is a very competitive niche market, but you will be competing with giant companies. This is certainly not an easy thing to do – unless you are not an expert in this topic :).

Another idea around your own house

Take a look around. What niche products do you see around you? If you haven’t found your niche market for your amazon website yet, and you are still researching and finding it difficult to find your niche market, then look at what niche markets exist in your environment? Now look around, and you’ll see lots of ideas.

  • What clothes do you wear lately?
  • What threads do you use for sewing?

You can build an entire site around threads – and you can sell everything from threads to embroidery machines. What belt are you wearing? What is the design of the buckle? You can create a whole web page based on belt buckles. There are so many varieties that you wouldn’t believe it.

  • What furniture do you see in your surroundings?

Furniture is a very, very big niche market. For different furniture, different websites can be built, such as patio furniture.

  • What cleaning products do you use in your house?

You can build multiple websites around different types of cleaning products.

  • Do you have a picture on your wall?

You can build a website on the “photo frames” niche.

  • What products have you bought recently?

Do you have pets? Pets
are, again a very big niche. Dog collars, dog toys, pet hair removers, and more – the list of niche markets is almost endless. Just look around in your house – almost everything you see is a good idea for a niche site. Garbage buckets, kitchen bags, kitchen islands, hobs, tiles, dishes, ovens, floor tiles, sinks, kitchen and bathroom faucets, computer peripherals …….do you want to see more?


To find the niche products you use to create your websites, maybe that is the easiest thing to do. The process of building an Amazon-linked website is really not difficult. Amazon is such a big market that they sell almost everything. That’s why you can build a marketing strategy to get your passive income on a monthly, regular basis!

Let’s finish the niche idea brainstorming with this article for now. In the following post, you can see how you can find a niche market for earning money with examples already developed. Your idea is already there. Now I’m going to show you some real examples of Niche research!

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