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Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Review
Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Review

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Review

If you’ve landed here, you must be eager to learn everything about the Wealthy Affiliate hosting review. I’ll breakdown the whole topic by defining what it is, whether it’s right for you, features, and value. Keep on reading as we get started.

Wealthy Affiliate hosting, an overview

Before I put on my boots and dive into the sludge, I’ll be looking at the basics. What is the Wealthy Affiliate hosting? By now, I’m sure you know that the Wealthy Affiliate is a popular affiliate program where individuals acquire skills and training about how to build a successful online business.

What value does one get by hosting under the Wealthy Affiliate?

Building a website is one of the fundamental steps in creating an online business. I’ll tell you for sure that your online business might start at a wrong footing if it doesn’t have a website.

Wealthy Affiliate has typically a website builder popularly known as Site Rubix that also manages WordPress sites. For your website to be up, there must be hosting. In Wealthy Affiliates, there are two types of programs, namely, free and premium membership.

Under free membership, there is free hosting where you get a subdomain. However, under the paid hosting, you will get a domain alongside other benefits.

At the moment, the Wealthy Affiliate is using Amazon hosting (C3 Server). It’s one of the best, and its load time estimated at 1.3 seconds. Secondly, it has data centers at all corners of the world. It’s the main hosting for big companies such a Netflix.

Under the Wealthy Affiliate, you have the option of choosing and the internal or external hosting. However, most members under the premium membership prefer the Wealthy Affiliate hosting.

Every online entrepreneur must host their website; however, deciding the best for your business is a challenge since there are several factors to consider, such as the cost of hosting.

Benefits of hosting under the Wealthy Affiliate

As I mentioned earlier, for you to get a domain name, you may opt for the paid membership. The cost of hosting is included in the monthly charge of $49. It costs more than other hosting packages from other companies.

Nonetheless, the kicker is that numerous benefits come with the package other than Hosting. Hosting is an added feature for the Wealthy Affiliate.

Most people looking forward to joining the Wealthy Affiliate program usually have dreams of building a successful business. Other companies may not offer you additional features without having to pay extra charges.

Free hosting has its share of advantages. For example, you’ll get two free websites, free hosting, and limited training. There are; also, there are free keyword searches. However, for you to benefit fully, it’s crucial to join the paid membership since there are hosts of features.

There’s the free Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool, free hosting, comprehensive training, robust online community, and 24/7 support. The chat feature enables you to ask real-time questions and get instant feedback.

Wealthy Affiliate hosting review in details

Perhaps by now, you’re wondering whether Wealthy Affiliate hosting is suitable for your website. Absolutely yes. Here is why. If you are a beginner and looking for a one-stop solution for hosting, then look no further. The good news is that you can integrate WordPress.

Is the Wealthy Affiliate for you?

There is the option of hosting a maximum of 25 websites and have added features such as an SSL certificate. This feature may not be present in other hosting services. Stability, reliability, and speed are some of the vital factors you’ll look at when choosing a web hosting provider.

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The Wealthy Affiliate hosting review has everything that you need to build a robust online business. The other advantage is that WordPress has a host of features, especially when you’re creating a website from scratch.

There is usually a concern among most people starting, and the first question that comes to mind is how to make money online. The Wealthy Affiliate is for you as it offers you training and equips you with useful lessons.

Features of Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Review

Wealthy Affiliate has tons of feature which I’ll mention in this review. For starters, let me begin by explaining that even the other providers have features; however, the Wealthy Affiliate tops the list. WA hosting works under six modules, namely, the site manager, domains, feedback, comments, email, and support.

Under Domain, you can buy domains or view the domains. With feedback, you’ll need credits to spend. You can also earn credit when you request or offer feedback. The same applies to comments. It’s essential to manage your email address(s). Support is all about raising and submitting a ticket to support.

You’ll find that most work with fall under the site builder feature and site manager.

Website Creation under Wealthy Affiliate

Under the premium membership, you can create your website using Site Rubix. It’s a basic platform and uses a simple concept. You don’t need experience since the whole process is click-based. It’s suitable if you are a beginner with no background in website creation.

Choosing a domain name when creating a website

For your website to be up and running, you’ll need a domain name. There are three options, selecting a free one or purchasing one. Under the WA paid membership, there’s no need to buy one since it’s already included in the package. Some experienced website owner has existing domains.

Free domain vs. paid domain when creating a website.

The free membership allows you to have a free domain. However, there are several limitations which makes this option unfavorable for business looking forward to expanding.

An example of a free domain or subdomain is; www.mywebsite, An example of the paid domain is

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The advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate free domain is that there are fewer ads. Some other platforms have many ads that may slow your website creation process.

If you’re a beginner, you can start with the free domain and then proceed to the paid domain once your business picks up. Since there are two free websites, you can take your chances to figure out of its worth your time. The good thing is that Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy to transfer from free to the paid domain.

When choosing a domain, there is an option of transferring, and this is for users who have existing domains. The advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate is that it’s free to transfer, unlike other hosting companies.

If you buy a domain name, it’s possible to transfer the free one by purchasing one under Wealthy Affiliate.

There are tons of features hosting with Wealthy Affiliate.

As a beginner, to get rich online requires a stable partner. When you chose to host under Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll have access to additional features that aren’t present in other hosting providers. I’ll mention a few in this review.

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Review
Hosting Features & Benefits

Hosting your WordPress websites has never been more secure yet powerful. More highlights here.

It’s Brilliantly Powerful, Intricately Secure

It's Brilliantly Powerful, Intricately Secure
It’s Brilliantly Powerful, Intricately Secure

The SiteHealth feature

The site health features are crucial, especially if you’re a beginner. It analyses the performance of your website in the search engine. You can improve in several areas and build a reputable brand.

Wealthy Affiliate The SiteHealth feature
Wealthy Affiliate The SiteHealth feature

Some critical areas are feedback, ranking, plugins, engagement levels, traffic, quality of the content, and site trust.

As a beginner, several questions may come to your mind, such as how to become wealthy with no money. You’ll soon realize that content creation is an essential area of the website. As your business grows, you’ll need to know how it’s performing, and SiteHealth will use data for this purpose.

Site Rubix Feature

We’ve seen that for your online business to prosper; a website is an important feature. However, building a stable, eye-catching, and the well-designed site requires a reliable feature such as Site Rubix. The advantage of Wealthy Affiliate is that you can get this feature for free. If you are a beginner, it’s a simple process, and it will take you only a few minutes to create a website.

Build My Free Website
Build My Free Website

Free SSL certification feature

An SSL certificate is essential for any website since it validates the authenticity of your website. It’s a security feature that also boosts your ranking in search engines. The Wealthy Affiliate provides an SSL certificate for all sites. There are no additional charges to have this certificate.

Compare WA Domains to the Industry
Compare WA Domains to the Industry

Site manager feature

Wealthy Affiliate hosting has a site manager feature that makes it easier to view everything about your website in one view or place. If you have several accountants, it’s easier to manage functions such as enabling and disabling, counts, SiteHealth, and much more.

Site speed feature

Site speed helps you to toggle either on or off into the site manager. Here you have an option between Accelerate or extreme functions. It’s more like a cache in your content, which helps boost the load time.

Double speed feature

Wealthy Affiliate hosting has an extra feature for hosting two additional website copies at any time, such as a backup. Therefore, if there is damage to one copy, the other will run with no hitches. Therefore, you have the confidence that your website will, and there’s no risk of losing it.


The Wealthy Affiliate hosting review is all about getting the most out of the paid membership. As earlier seen, the Wealthy Affiliate program equips you with the rights skills to build a sustainable website or business online.

Having a stable website requires a reliable hosting provider, and from the reviews, the Wealthy Affiliate is the best due to several other features mentioned in this review. Another word for wealthy people is a success, and this doesn’t happen overnight. The wealthy people online have more than one website with the above features.

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  1. Hey Peter, Wealthy Affiliate hosting sounds really great and has some nice features like Site Speed and SiteHealth and I see they have free SSL. Is it possible to transfer my website from another host to Wealthy Affiliates hosting? If so, how easy is the process and how long will it take?

    • Thanks for sticking to my article and asking me a very good question. It is very useful for anyone looking to make money at home with affiliate marketing with a previously purchased domain name.

      You can transfer and import your domain in minutes. Really just a few clicks. And you get support for that if you get stuck. We are not webmasters or administrators. We don’t have to become that. Just Enjoy The Benefits Of Wealthy Affiliate Hosting And Enjoy It!

  2. Hello again Peter. I want to say that at the beginning when I was a starter member I proposed to myself to create 2 sites (siturebix domain) and go with it for 6 months. But after a few weeks I noticed that the traffic is not as high as I expected and if i will purchase a domain this  would help me a lot. The point is that if you have a domain of your own it is very easy to work on it because you have more advantages from WA (being a premium member). 

    Now with my own domain I have a good traffic on my website, my Premium member is for 1 year from now and with every step i made i can say that my online business is very close to success. I recommend to all the people who want to earn online money, to have ambition and the most important to have patience.

    Wish you all the best ! 

    • You made a great decision Nimrodngy!
      If you are long-term and persistent, it is time for fruit picking. This business is not for those who want to get rich fast. This business provides continuous passive income if you follow what is said and heard in the training. It is that simple!
      Have a great day!

  3. Hello again!

    About the same time you wrote the article, I was starting my SiteRubix website, obviously using the free WA hosting. Before October ended I also purchased a yearly domain within WA and established my site there. Because I had (and have) serious plans about my business, I could not stay in the free area, so I created the domain and transferred the site data out there, continuing to develop the content then.

    I also make use of SiteHealth, and created an e-mail box for my site via the same SiteRubix platform.

    Are you using a yearly domain too?

    Kind regards,

    The another Peter

    • Hello again Peter
      Thank you for your new post. You made a very good decision about choosing a brand domain name. Although you can get the free domain name in SERP!
      Yes, I renew my domain address every year. I think in 1 year it will turn out if it is worth working on that niche. It is no longer worthwhile if there is no profit. But you can avoid mistakes by choosing a good niche market. Keyword and niche research is the key to this affiliate marketing. Look. I’m writing about this here. Read it now:

  4. Hello Peter. Thank you for sharing the Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Review. I have read several reviews that didn’t really dig deep into what WA hosting has to offer. Being able to host 25 websites of my own for just $49 per month is no brainer; a great deal indeed that makes me feel WA is underpriced (especially when I consider all the benefits, features and support).

    However, I have come across some persons online complaining that the platform both hosting and training does not meet up to their expectation. Some are saying they’re not making any money, some are saying their website is sluggish etc. What do you think is the reason some of these people are not excelling even as members of Wealthy Affiliate? Secondly, what can be done to improve speed of websites hosted on WA?

    Hoping to hear from you asap!

  5. I have been a member with Wealthy Affiliate for a little over 8 months now and I’ve had nothing but the best of experiences. Most other hosting services charge similar fees but offer nothing close to the tools, training, and support that Wealthy Affiliate does. 

    The WA platform offers both beginner and expert entrepreneurs all the training and tools they need to give them the ability to build an online business from the ground up. Going with Wealthy Affiliate will no doubt give anyone a leg up on their competition right out of the gate!

    • Congratulations Shan,
      Welcome to my team!
      Wealthy Affiliate Alone is not just a platform but PLATFORM! It also provides excellent hosting, as I described in my article here. Enjoy and use your Wealthy Affiliate tool and make a lot of money at home!
      Have a great day!

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