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How to research a niche, to profit from your website?
How to research a niche, to profit from your website?

How to research a niche, to profit from your website?

This topic will consist of multiple posts, because I can’t briefly show what your future is based here, in this industry! How to research a niche, a slice of cake, or just crumbs?

Will you take your slice of cake?

Will you take your slice of cake
US firm’s revenue for one year increased with 38 percent, from $ 43.74 to $ 60.45 billion

In my previous post, I wrote that there would be basic keyword research, Niche research, and Amazon Affiliates keyword research. All three are different. But now I’m starting with Niche research to help anyone who wants to grab a few dollars from Amazon’s revenue, as soon as possible. Just on the side note, the US firm’s revenue for one year increased with 38 percent, from $ 43.74 to $ 60.45 billion. Of course, this is information from 2018. It is clear, that this will increase next year. Take your slice out of this cake!

In this post, you will learn how to find your own project as we search for your Niche keywords as well to have traffic and later to have profit with your website. There are two things I need to mention here, too (you know, the usual side note). I mentioned in my previous post,


if you find your wrong Niche keyword, the work of the next weeks, months won’t pay off.


You have invested energy, time and money in vain if you are building on the wrong foundation! That’s why beginners change their diapers here because they spend too much time with this part and “over-analyze” themselves and then become paralyzed. They also stop at this part because they panic:


what if I do the Niche research wrong and work unnecessarily later.

Niche site ideas trends

Listen, every business has pitfalls. Especially in my traditional trade. You cannot know in advance whether you will be profitable or not. I am not a financial professional, I just learn from practice. Increasing revenue is basically a matter of marketing and sales, while closely monitoring, controlling, planning, and calculating costs is a matter of finance. That’s why I usually say that if marketing, sales, and finance are all right in a business, then that business can remain stably profitable.

From this part, if you will be able to use marketing and sales (digital marketing) in practice, you will no longer have a hard time with financial control.

So, don’t panic. You will learn, how to research a niche

Do the Niche research well and you’ll be okay going forward. (because you know that your Affiliate marketing is based on a solid foundation. You shouldn’t waste too much time with this, because you will go “crazy” but do this job perfectly. This is where I will help you to complete this process perfectly. Don’t worry ????!

So, not to make you dizzy at the beginning, let’s start with the rules of our goose with golden eggs. Yes, you heard it well. If you deviate from these rules, it is your fault! (of course, I’m not your boss and I don’t want to change your attitude, but it will be worth to follow these rules). Let’s start with the talk first, and then I’ll show it in practice. Because it’s easy to write and talk about it, but you will really understand it in practice! (and from your own mistakes if you don’t listen to me)

1. rule

You have to follow the different “values” of products sold on amazon.

the main direction is that you should sell most of these products for at least $ 50 with at least 50 4- and 5-star ratings. You don’t want to choose a niche that isn’t on Amazon. No need to worry, you will find such products. However, if you do not stay in this band, you will find it harder to earn $ 500 or $ 1000 a month.

  • amazon’s average commissions are 6-8% or slightly more. It depends on the products. And it always changes!
  • so, for $ 50 of product sale, it’s $ 3-4
  • It’s not impossible to build a website that can earn you $ 1,000 or more each month. To do this, you need to sell 10 pieces from a product with a price of $ 50 a day, or just 5 pieces from a product with a price of $ 100 a day.
  • or selling 100 pieces from a product with a price of $ 5 a day?

Just think about this: which one can be easier? Sell 10 products or 100 a day?

Az amazonon értékesített termékek különböző „értékeit” kell követned.

But I’ll go on….

  • Do not build a website that sells only products with a price of $ 1000, as your conversion is likely to be very, very low. Don’t go too far and be realistic. Stay within these rules.
  • You can build a jewelry sales website, you can sell super high-quality products, but these will not be sold in quantities such as the products with a price of $ 50 and $ 100 on your promoting websites. This will make it difficult to create a profitable Amazon Affiliate website.

Believe me, I have my history. I’m talking about this, based on experience. It’s been 10-12 years. I had my jewelry websites and my web stores where everything was available, even a dead mouse ????. They were full of products with a price of $ 1 dollars or with a price of thousands of dollars. I wanted to sell everything, but in the end, these web shops did not make a single penny. Why? Because I deviated from the above-mentioned rules and I did not sell in a market gap. (although I note here, that about that time, this interesting little word, NICHE, began to spread. But I have not paid attention to it. It was a big mistake.) ????.

Not to mention that we did not position ourselves for valuable content, but to create a webshop and that’s it. We were waiting for the messiah.

Another rule! (this is a general rule and it is not just for Amazon Affiliate marketers)

With a professional website with no unique content, you won’t reach anything, or you will spend your revenue on marketing advertising costs.

That way, your profits won’t be too much. (do you remember the post on the market channels? You can be on the first page in Google with ads as I have shown.)

Let’s continue with Amazon Affiliate marketing rules.

How many “reviews”, revisions, evaluations (or how we will call it) are there for the products?

There should be at least 50-100 ratings for a product, and they should all be 4-5 stars.
There should be at least 50-100 ratings for a product, and they should all be 4-5 stars.

There should be at least 50-100 ratings for a product, and they should all be 4-5 stars. These are the best products. We would like to know what is the demand for it (rough estimate, of course)?

These are the people who bought these products. They are happy and write reviews in their great happiness.

Those people who have a bad buying experience are more likely to write negative reviews or comments.

and believe me, most people who are happy and satisfied with the product never write a review (and this is the majority)



It can be clearly deduced from this that if a product has at least 100 reviews and most of them are 4 or 5 stars, it means that the product vendible and people are happy with it! (I’ll show you this in more detail in the Keyword Research section)

2. rule


  • You should work on this project “comfortably” for at least 3-4 months. You don’t have to be an expert in this big “battle”, and you don’t have to be so passionate about the topic of how to research a niche. Obviously, your knowledge and passion would surely help. But you don’t need these. You can move on nicely and comfortably if you stay in this rhythm, which is how you stay in your 3-4-month plan.

I just ask since we’re not here yet, how long does it take to create 50-100 pages (blog posts. Professional content) to generate a steady income from your website!?

Don’t worry if you know nothing or very little about this topic, because you can always research later and take the necessary steps to get your website up and running.

3. rule

  • your researched Niche must be able to “support” your website. This means 50-100 pages. So, the market gap, that you researched (products for $ 50 with 4-5 stars) will you be able to generate that much content in the next few days continuously?!


  • Because your larger website, which will have a lot of unique (professional) content, will be reviewed by Google to have a rank on it. That’s where you stand out from the crowd. (how many people make 100 blog posts in 3-4 months ???? )
  • ) Yes, good answer. Few people! ???? That’s why you’ll be favored! You can also outsource article writing or translation because many people want to make money with it. There is great competition there, too. You’ll find freelancers very quickly! Especially if
  • you are not making a mistake and choosing a market gap (Niche) in which you cannot create or produce as many topics and content. (who can’t write in English, but I can tell you, they can’t even write or want to write in Hungarian. They don’t have the time and they are lazy bastards ???? like I was. I didn’t have any traffic! And should I cry right now? Be a smart person and learn from my mistakes, too!)
  • It is difficult to create a 100-page web site for products that are with a price lower than $ 10. For example, “golf balls”
  • On the other hand, golf balls would be great if you find a lot of products in relation to them based on specific rules that make it easy to create a 100-pages website

This is the only tool you have to choose that many people over-complicate, even though it is a simple process. And for weeks, months, you are just working on this process, which is not really needed in Amazon Affiliates program, because you will have more websites, in different Niches. And then we are talking about 200 blogs, content.

So, we can literally build thousands (Niche) of profitable websites, all you have to do is

CHOOSE A Niche and let’s start the party

You already know the rules, you just have to apply them!

Niche Revelation & Discovery

There are 100,000’s of evergreen niches out there that are ripe for the picking. Being able to discover niches in intelligent new ways is something that Jaaxy prides itself on. From the ability to check out the hottest trends to finding “relevant” yet different searches, you will be able to generate brand new niche ideas in a matter of seconds using Jaaxy.

Try it now for free! Find your market niche!


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